Lenovo has a Silent Mode too

coverIt was reported to us that, much like Samsung, Lenovo offers a Silent Mode feature on some models.

These are great news because Lenovo laptops have a pretty good overall reputation.

They’re especially known to feature quality keyboards but as you can imagine, this is far more important to us.




This from the IdeaPad Z360 manual :


Smart noise control button


Smart noise control button enables you to control fan speed during computer operation. You can choose between normal or silent mode by a touch of this button; you can also activate the dust cleaning feature by touching and holding this button for three seconds.


Switching to silent mode


If your computer is not running large applications and you want a silent work environment, you can switch the computer to silent mode. The icon is displayed on the computer screen for a few seconds and the touchsensitive button is illuminated, indicating that the computer has been switched to silent mode.


Note :


The fan of the computer is spinning at relatively low speeds in silent mode, and thus dissipates less heat than in normal mode. If large applications are running, the system may lower the voltage of the central processing unit (CPU) automatically to decrease the heat produced by the CPU. You might experience lower system performance when the computer is running in silent mode, especially in the case of graphicsintensive applications.


Actually, it’s even better than just that : this model, and a bunch of others too in the Ideapad family, feature a unique dust cleaning feature. It’s explained in details in the manual and it seems very nice (see right below).


Activating dust cleaning feature


Dust tends to build up around the heat-sink of a computer’s CPU over time. Accumulated dust can reduce the dissipation capability of a heat-sink, resulting in an increase in battery power consumption. You can activate the dust cleaning feature by touching and holding the touch-sensitive button for three seconds. The icon is displayed on the computer screen for a few seconds and the touch-sensitive button will flash, indicating that the dust cleaning feature has been activated. The fan will spin at high speed and then stop alternately for about two minutes to discharge the accumulated dust. Upon completion of dust cleaning, the computer will revert back to the previously-selected mode.


Notes :

    • When using the dust cleaning feature, make sure your computer is placed in a clean work area with good ventilation.
    • We recommend that you perform dust cleaning at least once a month to prevent dust accumulation.
    • You can cancel dust cleaning at any time by touching the touch-sensitive button when it is flashing.


This sounds like a great idea. Does this really work ? I wouldn’t know. Not a lot a feedback is to be found about it on the Web but I seriously doubt running fans a full speed every now and then is likely to elimiate dust accumulation completly. It’s still nice to know Lenovo actually cares about such things (though for them, fighting this problem is clearly aimed at limitating battery power consumption).


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